Christmas Music

I thought it might be fun to gather all of my Christmas posts and music in one place, especially during the holiday season.

Keeping Christmas was my first Christmas post and features a video of my song “Christmas in My Heart” inspired by an unusual Christmas that I spent overseas. 

Father Christmas: A Musical Christmas Card served as our 2011 family Christmas card. It features a video of a song that I wrote with my husband about family and Christmas. 

A Song for the Winter Solstice features the first presentation of the video of “Winter” along with the lyrics, written for the 2011 winter solstice. 

Christmas Trilogy on my site features clips from a suite of sacred songs arranged for choir and six instruments.

13 thoughts on “Christmas Music

  1. What a pleasure to hear your songs–if a bit after Christmas, so it goes. I was enchanted by A Song for Winter Solstice (and I loved the rich sweetness of the sax) although it was all enjoyable. I would like to hear more so will find your site. I was a trained cellist and vocalist in a musical family, most of whom are professional musicians still. But writing took precedence. I forget sometimes how I miss making music. All the best, Lynn!

    • Cynthia, you are a woman of many talents! I also grew up in a family of musicians; it was a great way to live and learn. Plus, even if you didn’t follow the music path, it must inform your writing in a deep way. Thanks for taking the time to visit the page and listen to some of the pieces.

      • I think I might have loved being a composer–I wrote songs but not good pieces, as a teen. I know, its true for me that classical music is a way of life and it took me a long time to be able to hear other music. But jazz is a favorite, as well, now, and I enjoy many more genres. Happy to visit your pages!–hope to hear more from you.

  2. Beautiful songs and videos! Nothing is more important than the time spent with the family and keeping our loved ones alive in our hearts forever. I got very emotional listening…

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