Music and Garden Videos

I love making miniature movies! Sometimes the videos feature my music, and sometimes they feature my garden or my husband’s music.  I’ve gathered them all here in one convenient place!

The Autumn Garden, filmed in the garden in September and October 2022, traces the changes in the garden through autumn, with several guest appearances by my garden assistant Pixie. Featured in Delicious Autumn.  

Pollinator Paradise highlights the pollinators in the garden after a year of replanting much of the garden with native plants, featured in A Beautiful Habitat.

Spring Arrives celebrates the new growth of the garden filmed in April 2022 and was featured in  For the Love of Trees.

Autumn Equinox, filmed on the equinox of September 2013 in Allegheny County’s North Park and my garden, was featured in Penn’s Woods: Autumn Equinox

If you have a problem viewing the Vimeo version, here is a link to a smaller mobile device friendly version on YouTube.

The Four Elements: Breath for voice and electronics (originally featured in Let the Music Begin

The Four Elements: Light for voice and electronics (originally featured in The Four Elements: Light)

Winter for voice, piano and soprano sax (originally featured in A Song for the Winter Solstice

Falling Leaves captures the sudden last leaf fall outside of my house one November. 

Falling Snow captures the beauty of a winter snowfall in my garden. 

The Garden in Motion with orchestral music from “Sketches of America” (originally featured in Autumn Minimalism: the Constancy of Change)

Still Point for choir, EWI (electronic wind instrument) and keyboards (originally featured in Still Point

Falling for chamber ensemble (from “Three States of Being”, originally featured in Turbulent Transitions

Walking Miles for Music NAMM 2012 (originally featured in Walking Miles for Music

Bill Plays Guitar at the Museum (originally featured in Calling All Guitarists

Merry Go Round from “Kennywood’s Open” (originally featured in Kennywood’s Open!)

November Garden (originally featured in Garden 11/11/11)

4 thoughts on “Music and Garden Videos

  1. Hello Simon and thank you! I just constructed this page a few weeks ago so that I could round up the music videos here in one place. “Breath” is one of my favorites and the first one that I spent so much time constructing as a video. Now that I have HD video capabilities, I’m thinking of reshooting everything – maybe. My husband is my sound engineer and co-producer – he’s got great ears and I’m lucky to have him as a musical partner.

  2. Yikes! Don’t know how I missed this before, maybe was lacking in broadband ( we have a dreg, nub-end supply that makes heavy weather of media posts). “Breath”is lovely, sound quality, visuals and words. Nice seeing the instruments in action interespersed with moving and still images. Great sound production too!

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