A Song for the Winter Solstice

Winter, an artist’s sketch in charcoal, so clearly etched against a cloud filled sky. . .

Snowy WoodsIn celebration of the moment when the earth turns on its axis back to the light of the sun.  This year, in the northern hemisphere, the winter solstice occurs on December 22. Time and Date offers a clear explanation of the solstice as well as explores the customs and traditions around it. To see a beautiful collection of “brown and gray and sometimes white” nature photography, explore Robin’s post on frosted Queen Ann’s Lace in Life in the Bogs.

“Winter” was one of those songs written in a moment, in a winter where snow alternated with grey skies and brown earth. This recording is a “first take” for both the piano and vocal. The visuals are all from my garden.  Enjoy!

All music making is collaborative in nature.  A special thanks to Barbara Nissman for contributing her master’s touch on the piano to this song and Mike Tomaro for his haunting soprano sax improvisations. And as always, to my gifted husband Bill Purse, who generously shares his skills as audio engineer and producer in my artistic endeavors.

Winter, ©2009 Lynn Emberg Purse All RIghts Reserved

Winter, snow falling down
Winter, the world is gray and brown, gray and brown and sometimes white
for a night and a day, then all is gray

Autumn in leaves of gold
Springtime, a thousand shades of green unfold to summer
with its joyous Joseph’s Coat of colors, endless colors, endless colors . . .

Winter, an artist’s sketch in charcoal
so clearly etched against a cloud filled sky
Subtle and dark, lovely and stark in gentle tones of gray
and brown and sometimes white
for a night and a day, then all turns gray
Winter today

Soft clouds, soft snow, soft browns, whites and grays
Winter today

Text and media of “A Song for the Winter Solstice” ©2011 Lynn Emberg Purse, All Rights Reserved. Please do not reblog.

46 thoughts on “A Song for the Winter Solstice

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    • Many thanks for your visit, Watching Seasons. I have been enjoying your site for a while; your photographs of wildlife are so wonderful to see – you have far more patience than I do! Glad you enjoyed the piece; it is all about the world around us and paying attention:-)

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! I’m absolutely enchanted by your space here and your beautiful music! Thanks so much for sharing! (I wish we had snow here in NOVA!)

  6. What a pleasant song to hear in the early morning for me on this day. Love the way the video also fits the tone and mood of the piece. BTW … I will have one of your videos on my site sometime this week.

  7. lynn, i’m so glad you visited my space earlier and led me to yours…yours is a space i’ll enjoy exploring more.
    “winter” is a beautiful song. the words, the music, the images of your garden. lovely and soft.
    thank you for sharing your gift…

  8. This is beautiful! So lovely – can’t wait to explore the rest of your blog. I will be a follower 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on my photos, and for leaving your link there. Ahh… the joy of unexpectedly welcome connections!

    • Thanks Paul! Lyrics almost always come first for me, at least in rough draft, then they suggest the music but often are edited in the process. In this case, these are as originally written, first draft, like so many other things about this piece. Doesn’t happen like that very often! Glad you enjoyed it.

    • Kerry, thank you for your comments and I am delighted that you have enjoyed “Winter.” I love the word “evocative” – the suggestion of mood, of ethereal beauty, of quiet symbolism – so your use of it has special meaning to me. And it is exactly the way I feel about your beautiful photography; it is all about capturing the elusive moment, isn’t it? Nature never fails to inspire . . .

  9. Beautiful, Lynn. Really beautiful. Your woods in the video remind of our woods here at Breezy Acres, especially in the winter shots. And your garden is so lovely.

    Thank you so much for the link. I feel honored to be linked to such a beautiful song. 🙂

  10. Lynn! I wish the Like button was a Love button! This song/composition/video magic spell is superb. I’m sharing it on Facebook. It so perfectly captures winter – and your garden is, as always, lovely beyond words.

    • Elizabeth, thank you for such words of praise and encouragement and I am so glad the music and video touched you – it did seem somehow connected to your fable, so I am glad you approve the link and thank you for sharing the Facebook link as well! Here’s to the lovely spell of beauty that Nature weaves . . .

    • Barbara, thanks so much for listening and commenting. I think of my garden as both inspiration and the incubator for many of my musical ideas – but then, my musical work impacts on how I garden as well. It’s very hard to separate the two these days, they really ARE intertwined 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday!

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