Let the Music Begin

Music in the soul can be heard by the universe. ~ Lao Tzu

image of GyroscopeFinally, I have emerged from the studio with the completed audio and video of “Breath” which will be the premiere piece for my online music store. I have already written about “Breath” in Breathe Out, Breathe In  and The Space Between, so this time I will let the music and video speak for itself.

In celebration of this new project, you can download an mp3 of the music for free this week only at CD Baby or my new Facebook Music Page (after Sunday, May 27, 11 P.M., it will return to $.99)  If you like the music, please feel free to share the link with others. I particularly want to thank all of you who took the time to give me feedback about your digital music use in Your Opinion, Please.  The overwhelming winning response was for downloading single mp3’s, followed by a wide variety of other approaches for acquiring and listening to music.  I learned so much from all of you and I appreciate your help.

A special thanks goes to my musical partner and husband Bill Purse for doing such a great job as recording engineer and producer, as well as singing and playing bass and percussion.  Thanks to friend and fellow composer David Borden for lending his breath to this project and to my friend Linda for teaching me how to breathe. Enjoy the music!

Lyrics to “Breath” by Lynn Emberg Purse  ©2012 All Rights Reserved

Insubstantial, hard to hold
Never seen, with power unfolds
to drive the clouds and gyre the sea,

Breathe out, breathe in, balanced in the space between
Silence, stillness, until the breath moves through again

Prana, Spiritus, Ruach, Chi
Breath of life, breath of energy
Breathe out, breathe in, carried on the wind

Insubstantial, many names
Cold as frost and hot as flame
Breath on the air, breath on the wind, Breathe

Breathe out, breathe in, balanced in the space between
Silence, stillness
SIlence, stillness, stillness

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40 thoughts on “Let the Music Begin

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  4. Just catching up on blog posts! And so glad I caught up with yours – really beautiful, hypnotic, rhythmic and engaging. The video enhances it well – but I would enjoy it just as much driving down a tree lined road with the windows down. Great work –

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  6. Lynn, beautiful and hypnotizing! Thank you! I’ve listened to it several times and it just weaves itself around me. I really love all the rhythm in the midst of those clouds of sound. By the way, what is that instrument in the video played with the thumbs. I love it. Thanks again! -Joe

    • Joe, thank you for such great comments – your description of the music is exactly what I was striving for, so thank you for noticing! The instrument in the video is an African kalimba, also known as a “thumb piano” for obvious reasons 🙂 While I didn’t actually use the sound from the acoustic kalimba in the recording, it is pretty close to what I did use, so I took a bit of artistic license with the video for visual effect. Thanks again for listening and commenting!!!

  7. Alot of effort your wonderful singing, composition and then, the videoclip! I assume this is videoclip will sitll function when I provide the URL to others? 🙂 It’s wonderful for meditation, doing yoga, art, etc. but I like the video images that come together as one pkg. for the full effect.

    • Thanks, Jean, so glad you like it! Yes, the video clip itself is on YouTube, so you could share the URL with others without a problem. If you click on the YouTube image in the lower right corner of the video player, it will take you to the YouTube site. Clicking on “Share” will give you the option to share a link or embed it. Enjoy!

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  9. A lovely piece of music. The more I played it, the more I liked it and have now downloaded it. Thank you, I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

      • Oh WOW, Lynn! And that was the lyric I noticed first, too…. As Vlad said, we are honored!
        Lovely piece. I am back in NYC after having been on the road for 10 days–it’s wonderful to listen to music like this to help “reset the clock” from frenetic activity to tranquillity. (Breathing helps, too). 🙂

    • Thanks, Paula – you’re the best! Did you know that, after my closest friend who encouraged me to create this blog, that you were my very first follower? That means a lot to me, especially at this time. So a special thanks for all of the support and encouragement over the past year 🙂

      • Oh – I’m so glad to know you via the Internet. You always inspire me! And I think you may have been the first or certainly one of the first to follow me too. There’s a reason we’re connected. 😀 I downloaded the song and listened to it twice; can’t wait for the CD. I shared it with my followers on my FB Garden Patch page too.

        How wonderful to have a husband you can collaborate with – truly special. Have a wonderful evening. ~Paula

  10. Lynn, I watched the video you embedded, then took a moment to read the lyrics–as though I was reading a poem–and then downloaded the mp3 file and listened again, sans visual accompaniment.

    I remain in awe of what it takes–the synthesis–to create something like this. It’s difficult, bordering on impossible, for me to fathom. I’m really looking forward to experiencing the remaining pieces of the suite.


    • Kerry, thank you for this amazing comment. I am so glad that you liked the music, the video, etc. – and thank you for downloading the mp3! Such high praise from someone whom I admire so much for your artistry with the camera.

      I’m already working on the next piece, hopefully released in mid-June 🙂

  11. I am so happy for you, Lynn; this is just glorious! The lyric, music, video…just seamless, and what a gift for the morning’s meditation. I hope Spiritual Directors International (www.sdiworld.org) is one of the places you’ll promote this because it’s perfect for using with seekers…oh, what a lovely, lovely way to wake again to presence…

    Namaste and Joy,

    • Kitty, thank you so much for your kind words. That is a great suggestion; I have visited their site from your blog and found it a wonderful organization. I will e-mail them with the link. Thank you for visiting and for your words of encouragement 🙂

  12. Lynn: Simply breathtaking! I’ve listened, I’ve already downloaded the music, and I can hardly wait for the entire CD.

    One of the reasons I am interested in your writing and music is because it is traveling along the path that I need in this next phase of my life which I call, “Act 3–the final chapter.” I want to exit life better than the way I entered it. I entered “gasping” for breath in the most awful circumstances that a child can be born in, and I want to exit life having learned how to be one breath with God.

    I once read that the definition of “God is near” is not Bette Midler’s concept in her song “God is watching us from a distance” (what good would that do us if God is the “breath of life”?), but that God is as close to us as the air we breathe. When we breathe in, he infuses our soul (Prana?) and when we breathe out, our breath mingles with his. It all equals life–the way we were meant to live!

    Thank you and keep creating music–you’re onto something, here! E

    • Eleanor, your thoughtfulness and enthusiasm always makes my day! I have always loved “From a Distance” but I know what you mean. One of the images that kept playing through my mind as I was making the video was from a album of music by HIldegard von Bingen (12th century mystic abbess) entitled “A Feather on the Breath of God” Here’s a link to a blog post about her and the lyrics to the song. Anyway, I could not get that imagery out of my mind, so I went back and shot the feather footage as it seemed so appropriate to the song 🙂

      Thank you for the download, that means a great deal to me, and as always, thank you for stopping by.

  13. Thank you, beautiful ! I already down loaded it. I also am passing this on to my friends. Your worked paid off and I can feel it is from your heart. Blessing, Carol

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