Your Opinion, Please

Months of work are coming to a peak! I have finished the audio for the first song, Breath, and am tweaking the video for it now. I hope to premiere it in a post this coming weekend.

In the meantime, I have started a music store on CD Baby which will also appear on my Facebook music page.  Here’s my plan: record and release as a digital download one piece a month of what I am calling “songs from the garden.” In a year’s time, all the songs will then be gathered into a CD and released again as a CD download and/or a physical CD.

For all of my followers and visitors, I would love your feedback and opinions before I finalize the store and premiere the first piece. I have created a short poll of your preferences for online music which will help me decide the best way to proceed with presenting my work.  Every song will be featured here “in entirety” on the blog as a music video but I am still trying to determine the best way to handle the mp3 downloads.

There are no “right or wrong” answers – results (by percentage) will be listed in the next post.  I would love your opinion, please!

28 thoughts on “Your Opinion, Please

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  2. Oh gosh. I am so far behind the times that I can’t answer your poll. I buy CDs. I like the sound quality so much better than MP3s. I never download music (too many places include spyware with their downloads and my techie youngest son has vowed he will no longer help repair my computer if I download one thing from a place such as iTunes, etc.). I do have an MP3 player, but I transfer the music from the CD, not from an online source.

  3. I download most of my music from I tunes for listening on my computer and MP3 Player. Its been a long time since I last brought a physical CD. All the best for the project.

  4. I’m sort of a dinosaur with music- I still buy CDs (from artists directly if possible) and then rip them to my PC to listen to. I’m sure this will be changing as everything I own moves to digital!

    • Tracy, thanks for the feedback. I still use CD’s in my car since I don’t have an iPod ready system. I imagine that many of us are still doing a mix of things – I am finding the responses very helpful, so thanks for taking the time to share your opinion!

  5. If I like a song, I never hesitate to pay for it and download it. I never buy cds anymore, only online purchases because of the convenience of digital. I look forward to hearing your new music!

    • Mimo, thanks for your feedback. It becomes increasingly difficult to buy CDs since so many brick & mortar stores are gone, the same with books. I’ve gotten in the habit of downloading everything these days.

  6. I think I must be a slow starter as I’ve only just started to download music – we have a huge collection and listen to music a lot (we don’t have a TV) but slowly, slowly I’m getting into it more and more. I think the comment about the artwork is good too. But most of all I want to wish you well for your “project” !

    • PromenadePlantings, thanks for visiting and commenting! I think we are in the middle of a period where people are all over the place with this; a contemporary of mine is firmly committed to CD’s and DVD’s, my students only download or surf online music sites, I have a mixed bag of iistening styles plus a large collection of vinyl LPs from the 60-80’s and a USB turntable to play and digitize them. And my current car radio has no mp3 input (a reason to change it out) So, I am really curious how people “get” their music these days – so far, single mp3 downloads are leading the poll.

  7. Lynn:
    Re you opinion request: I wanted to check “all the above” but there was no place to do so. I download things I like from the net, some I pay for, some are freebies, and YouTube selections, I’ll compile them into a playlist then burn to CD to play either in my car or at home. Sometime, with the YouTube and free things I’ll burn a cd to share with a friend who also enjoys the particular style of music.

    I am enjoying reading your blog from time to time and find it interesting, inspiring, and quite innovative. See– we took a vote and the I”s have it! ☺ Take care and keep up the wonderful work you do. Am looking forward to listening to “Breath.”


      • I had the same problem, wanted to check more than one, but could not (but not all of them). My car will accept an mp3 player, but I don’t own one so have to burn to a CD to hear it in the car (unless I am with my kids in which case I can listen to their music, like it or not).
        I listen to a lot of radio, the old fashioned kind. We have some good radio in Canada, and can also pick up several NPR stations from where I live. Also, listen to a lot of music on line, for free or by paying for it. I used to buy a lot of CDs but good stores are hard to come by in this town now. Impossible in fact. I can be impatient about waiting for a CD to come in the mail too, so don’t buy much that way anymore.

  8. Sounds great – digital downloads seem to be the way to go for the majority. Although, I know a few who will still buy physical CDs. Good luck with the endeavor!

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