Deep Purple

It was a beautiful day here in Western PA – skipper and black swallowtail butterflies flitted around the garden and dark rich colors blossomed everywhere.  Here are a few photos of deep purple flowers.  Next week, some new music!

All photos ©2012 Lynn Emberg Purse, All Rights Reserved

33 thoughts on “Deep Purple

  1. Those purple flowers just bring a feeling of hope and joy. And their colour are actually quite hard to capture since both film and digital sensors have problems with purple colours. But you did good. My favourite picture is the one of the Columbine Barlow Blue. They just stand so lovely against the blurred background.

    • Otto, thanks so much for your kind comments! You’re right about camera sensors and purple; I shot everything in early morning with a slightly overcast sky, which seems to help to keep colors true. I do love that columbine; it is so intricate and dark and it was the greatest challenge to capture in all its detail.

  2. Thanks for following my blog and great pics. Looks like my back yard. That used to be in Duquesne. Long time ago when I was young. tom lane

      • I grew up in Duquesne, the city!. Not much left there now. Graduated from HS there about 50 years ago. Living in Indiana now. The state… Left the area right after high school and never went back, except to visit family. Just listened to a couple of the music videos and very soothing. thanks. tom

  3. And recently, I have been thinking the same thing as I see the purple flowers from our chives and await those from our clematis. Good timing Lynn … and thanks for the video you sent me. 🙂

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