Mid-week Milestone

Milestones are constructed to provide reference points along the road. This can be used to reassure travelers that the proper path is being followed, and to indicate either distance travelled or the remaining distance to a destination. (Wikipedia)

When we were kids riding in the family car, my dad would always announce an upcoming rollover in the car mileage. Turning over to the next thousand miles was a big deal and we all leaned over the front seat to watch the numbers change from many 9’s to many 0’s, then gave a big cheer!

I relived that experience this week on WordPress, my vehicle for communicating and sharing.  I try not to obsess about stats but rather use them “as a reference point along the road” and to reassure myself that “the proper path is being followed.”

I’ve been blogging for a little over ten months, once a week, with a rare mid-week post. This blog has helped me enormously in finding a voice and creating a welcome challenge to express myself and share my ideas, images, and music. Little did I anticipate how many wonderful people I would meet and learn from along the way. So, when I saw my 100th Follower (thank you, Historic Virginia Plantation) and my 10,000th View appear on the same day, and my 500th Like a few days earlier, it felt like a milestone reached and I gave a little cheer when the numbers rolled over. For many of you, I am sure these are small numbers (and it is probably very impolite to make them public!) but to me, they represent a valuable contact with others that I wouldn’t have had if I had never begun to blog. And so, I want to express my deep thanks to those who read and follow and visit and comment – you are never taken for granted! Blogging continues to be a pleasure rather than an obligation and I hope that it remains that way.

Milestone: An important event, as in a person’s career, the history of a nation, or the advancement of knowledge in a field; a turning point. (The Free Dictionary)

Here’s a link to my very first post on August 28, 2011, The Sound of the August Garden. Enjoy!

Thanks to Zorba the Greek for the use through Creative Commons of this great image of an ancient stone milestone in the UK.

26 thoughts on “Mid-week Milestone

  1. How would we know we were getting to someplace else if we didn’t have some milestones to mark the way? Congratulations!

  2. Hi Lynn – those are all great numbers and fun to have them coincide like that. I don’t think its rude to celebrate this kind of thing.
    I love your blog and its mix of garden and music, both so accomplished. And I enjoy your company here in the blogosphere, your visits to my blog and finding your comments on the posts of others that we both subscribe to. Nice to share pathways here and there.
    And on another note, when I saw your milestone photo it immediately reminded me of travelling in England as a child in the 60’s, my mother and siblings being driven around in an old Austin or Morris by my grandmother. We somehow were struck from behind and gently shunted off the road right over a milestone and into a field. Thanks for the unexpected reminder of a childhood event 🙂

    • Ehpem, sorry it took so long to reply to your kind comments! I like the idea of crossing paths through different blogs, it is a real community isn’t it?

      Love the story about the milestone in England – sounds like a bit of an adventure! I found so many interesting photos of milestones in England when on the search for an image for this post. I spent an intense week visiting gardens there a few years ago, many located in tucked away places, and was deeply impressed by the milestones, the remnants of Roman roads and the wide range of history in that country. Thanks for adding your childhood memory to that history 🙂

  3. Congratulations on reaching milestone. Think I’ve a little way to go yet. Liked the sound the cicadas and frogs made. Must be great to sit out in the garden listening to them.

    • Hi Chris, and thanks for visiting and commenting. I think the numbers game is all relative; I never thought I would get this far but I also try not to look at anyone else’s numbers either. 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to visit my first post! I’m planning to use that sound clip of the cicadas and tree frogs in a new piece this fall. I always hate when it gets cold and the creatures go to ground; the sound is spectacular and I miss it when its not there.

  4. Congratulations Lynn on your beautiful work, your charming blog and your milestone! One step at a time is how it’s done, isn’t it? I am so glad I came across your blog when I did.

  5. Congratulations, Lynn…here’s to the next hundred followers, 10,000 views and 500 likes!

    (FWIW, I remember what a big deal it was when the analog car odometer rolled over (the 10,000 mile flips were particularly noteworthy), in the days before LCD displays.)

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