What’s in a Word?

I like good strong words that mean something. ~ Louisa May Alcott

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Shakespeare

A week of very hot weather and a very intense teaching schedule has come to a close. After a quiet morning spent re-acquainting myself with my garden and my family, I find that I am a little short of words.  I’ve used up so many of them this week that I’ve decided to share a clever video from Radiolab, all about words.

Many thanks to my student John who shared this video with my class. Enjoy!

29 thoughts on “What’s in a Word?

  1. How quick we are to name a rose and forget to smell it, and how quick we are to name a person and never see them… great video…tom

  2. Hi Lynn
    Sorry to have taken so long, gotten a bit behind with my e’mails recently.
    Loved the video. Liked the way the pictures move gradually from one subject to another. Mind you I had to watch it several times to get the point.

  3. A great little video. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes we all run out of words, but there are so many different ways to communicate. I love the picture of the rose too. (And by the way sorry for having been absent lately, I just haven’t had time to comment the last couple of weeks).

    • Otto, great to see you here. I know you’ve been traveling; I so enjoyed your travel posts and also the recent one on creativity. Glad you enjoyed the video; it is such an interesting play on visuals and words to illustrate the power and connection of words. Nice to have a “stand in” once in a while 🙂

    • Hudson, great to see you here again! You are right in the symbolism of words but I also love the sound of them, the rhythm of language, and in the case of this video all the connected meanings through the visuals instead of the written words. Grunt? or howl? 🙂

      • “Ooh-uhhrr” or “Awooooooooooooooooooooo”, been know to do both as I suspect most do at some point depending on the moment an the day.

        ‘connected meanings through the visuals instead of the written words’ and audio; an there in lays the beauty of the art and art.

  4. Just beautiful! I wanted something special about light for Light Words on the half way point of the year . This is perfect. Just what I needed to see today thank you. Carol

  5. Most enjoyable and clever, indeed.

    On another note, sure wished you lived nearby because I am having a dickens of a time keeping my Sun Parasols (forgot the technical name) alive. I could use some expert advice. I’ve replaced them three times but they keep dying. That is such a hardy climber and usually blooms all summer no matter what the weather. Looks like I’ll be trying again on July 4th. Stay cool!

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