An August Anniversary

It is late August, the days are filled with the steady murmur of cicadas and the nights resound with the addition of a wood frog chorus that surrounds on all sides.  This is my favorite time of year.  The garden is lush and filled with late summer blooms of gold and purple and demands little from the gardener. Butterflies and hummingbirds flit around like living jewels, feeding on pollen that will speed their journey south in a few weeks.  Storm clouds come and go, creating shifting patterns of light and shadow. The county park nearby celebrates the season with stands of goldenrod and Joe Pye weed.

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One year ago today, I began the Composer in the Garden blog and I want to thank everyone who has visited, liked, commented and followed.  I have learned so much and have made so many friends.  This community has offered me a place to explore ideas and commit to creating and presenting my music and images on a regular basis. This week, I am in the middle of composing a new piece, “August in Penns Woods” which will use a recording of the sound of my garden as both inspiration and as part of the piece itself. The year has come full circle.  Here is my first ever post, The Sound of the August Garden, that contains the sound file that will serve as the basis for this new piece.

Thank you, my friends, and I look forward to another year.

26 thoughts on “An August Anniversary

  1. Congratulations on a full year, it goes by quickly. And regular blogging has resulted in a so much. That’s what I like about blogging, it accumulates without too much effort at any one time. Your blog is one of my favourites – always something to marvel at. Keep it up, please 🙂

  2. One whole year – the time really does fly by, doesn’t it! We are all looking forward to your garden in the coming year.

  3. Happy one year anniversary! Your garden is looking as beautiful as always. 🙂
    I love this time of year, too. The purples and golds in the meadows are stunning.

  4. To many more years to share your wonderful pictures and music with everyone!
    It’s magical how a garden can provide so much inspiration for composing music, drawing, painting and writing of course 🙂

  5. I wish to add my congratulation too 🙂 and several other things I have a friend who has a dog named Angel Baby who is a wonderful companion . I wonder do you think Joe Pye weed is the same as Jupiter’s Beard? I want you to know how much I love being part of your community and look forward to your slide shows. May I be so bold to ask did you add something to the theme to be able to post a slide show?

    • Carol, thank you! Angel’s full name is Angel Eyes; I love the name Angel Baby!

      Joe Pye Weed is Eupatorium maculatum, an eastern US native plant that blooms in late summer. It is generally 6-9′ tall and loves marshy ground. Jupiter’s Beard is Centranthus ruber or also known as red valerian; it grows about 2-3′ tall and is tolerant of very dry environments. You are right, though, in that the flowers look very similar – beautiful clusters of red blossoms – I never thought of the similarity before!

      I think the slide shows are part of standard package but perhaps it is dependent on the theme that you are using. Once you upload some photos, you can select a slideshow before inserting the photos in the post. Here’s a link to the WP directions:

  6. I have been enjoying your blog posts!

    Funny, I don’t remember hearing the sounds in your first post.

    I noted the sounds while I was filming butterflies on the Agastache Black Adder last week. The sound of a car passing by disturbed my enjoyment of the birds and cicadas and butterflies!

    Since that day (best part is the second filming), I have been surrounded by even more butterflies on occasion. Did another filming but haven’t posted it.

    Did you get a post from Barbara Cutler last weekend? If not, I’ll forward it to you. She has moved to Oregon.


    Bobbie Brooks

    Gloucester, Ma

    • HI Bobby, and thanks for commenting. I love the butterfly video! I have Agastache in the garden but they tend to be covered with bees – I haven’t seen that kind of butterfly swarm – maybe I will add ‘Black Adder’ next year 🙂

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