Winter 12/21/12

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.  ~Robert Frost

The wind howling outside my window woke me up early this morning.  WInter is on its way to Western Pennsylvania, after sweeping through the Midwest and laying a trail of snow across the country. It is still warm and wet here this morning but that is predicted to change in a few hours, a change carried by the wind that is now shaking the bare treetops in a wild dance. I am of two minds about winter. When there is snow and ice, it is breathtakingly beautiful but also dangerous. When there is no snow and ice, it is brown and gray but less harsh as well. Perhaps I enjoy both and the constant shift between.  As I contemplate another winter solstice, one surrounded by a great deal of speculation, fear, and hope, I offer a song that I featured last year at this time. Enjoy the return of longer days.

You can’t get too much winter in the winter.  ~Robert Frost

21 thoughts on “Winter 12/21/12

  1. I love it when you recycle your work because it is so magnificent. We have no snow and miss it for Christmas Day but agonize over my family traveling home in it. It is always bittersweet. Thank you for helping me to free fall into that beauty without paying the price. 🙂 Have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year.

  2. I remember this video, and the accompanying song. It remains as evocative as ever.

    In my part of the Chicago area, despite warnings of a possible blizzard, we got a mere dusting of snow. From what I’ve been hearing, Indianapolis received about two inches.

    • Thanks, Kerry. I don’t usually “recycle” my work but it seemed appropriate today. We are supposed to get an inch of snow here; it is snowing on and off now, enough to cover the ground and blow around in the wind.

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