Signs of Spring

I glanced out the window at the signs of spring. The sky was almost blue, the trees were almost budding, the sun was almost bright. ~ Millard Kaufman

The onslaught of the freeze thaw cycle is upon us. We have shifted from bitter cold and heavy snow to balmy sunny days twice in the past four weeks. This morning, in the midst of a short lived thaw, I discovered snow drops blooming and hellebores in full bud.  Signs of spring are everywhere, from the green snouts of daffodils poking into the world to buds swelling on the cherry tree. A promise of what is to come.

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39 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Lynn: We’ve only had a slight dusting of snow in a region that usually gets a couple of huge snow falls each year (except for the last two years). So now the trees are budding and I’m very nervous for my Japanese cherry tree. (Why did I ever plant such a diva tree?) I think we’re going to get a horrible snow storm before the end of March and my tree is going to look like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree come summer time. So I’m anxiously looking for signs of spring. Nothing yet. (Oh, I did see a Cardinal.) I’ll keep looking at your pictures and hoping since hope does spring eternal!

  2. How lovely, especially those snowdrops. We have constantly changing weather, one extreme to another which is hard on the tender buds and shoots. Looks like spring is kicking in ….xxxx

  3. OH! you are so lucky, lucky! We still have a long way to go till the first snowdrops. But “the sun
    is almost bright” some days….Thanks for the preview 🙂

    • I guess it is all relative, Diversifolius; I keep thinking of my recent trip to Southern California where the “winter weather” there was 55 F and people were shivering! We are gray and cold today but I went to visit the snowdrops again this morning, just to remind myself that spring is coming.

  4. Wow! You are far ahead of the Boston curve. Any glimmers of spring here have been buried by all of Nemo’s snow – though much of it melted today and who knows how much more will fade away through the course of this week. I do love those snowdrops. Imagine – flowers!

    • Jenny, I was certainly surprised to see the snowdrops this morning, but they often do bloom in February here. The snow melts and there they are – the photo didn’t show the snow still lingering around them. Hope you recover from the Nemo snow – you will have great bloom later this year from the snow melt!

  5. Wish I could say that we were getting some of that early spring weather, Lynn. While it’s been warm enough (barely) for some snow melting, it has been miserable in the Chicago area the past few days…cold, windy and rainy (or icy).

    • Oh Hudson, you are probably deep in snow in your part of the world. It was bitter cold here a few days ago, everything coated in snow and ice, but the wind went from a sharp bite to a soft nudge in two days. Cold returns tomorrow and I’m sure we will have another few bouts of true winter before spring is truly here. But the days ARE getting longer – hang in there!

      • Oh, am hanging in there, no choice. But playing it safe. Friday we received 30cm of snow which was incentive to book it for Cuba the end of March.just in case spring drags its heels. I loved winter in my youth, but as a fossil I need some heat on the stone.

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