Preparing for the Storm

  • Red pennisetumcut down old foliage in garden and prune shrubs
  • rake and clean up garden beds
  • reveal unexpected blooming crocus and say hello to them
  • view handiwork at end of the day before it is covered by white mulch (snow)
  • light a fire in the fireplace
  • uncork a bottle of wine and toast the wilds of March
  • review and revise lists of plants to order from catalogs
  • finalize plans to visit garden shows for a flower fix
  • dream of the garden to come
  • smile

Memories of a garden in motionĀ 

33 thoughts on “Preparing for the Storm

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the video and the reminder of things to come. I love your list, too. It’s gray, cold, and we’ve had a rain/snow mix going on all day, making things a little slushy and slippery. Your video warmed me right up. šŸ™‚

  2. There’s nothing better than opening a bottle of wine after a good gardening session then relaxing in front of a fire while the winds howl outside!! xxxxx

  3. Lovely remainder of the summer! I am glad you had your garden workout done šŸ™‚ Hope it was red wine…

  4. Received 8″ yesterday, so, on top of what we’ve received int he past few weeks, can’t even locate a couple gardens, but trust they’re resting and peaceful. Just loved the music and photos, Lynn: thanks for the respite! Hope the wine hit the spot!

    • I think we are headed in the direction of 8″ too, Kitty! It is entrancingly lovely here; I got my garden time in yesterday, so I am just enjoying the view now. And yes, the wine did hit the spot – just desserts!

  5. The reward was earned!
    I enjoyed the music and garden scenes, although I did feel some of the grander parts of the former would have gone better with wide vistas.

    • How astute you are, Colonialist! The music used was composed from memories of driving through the Painted Desert in the American Southwest; sweeping vistas indeed. Here in western Pennsylvania, we have a land of hills and valleys with far fewer vistas; my garden is secluded in the woods. Thanks for commenting.

      • I am quite pleased with myself. It had occurred to me that it had a similar ‘feel’ to one of my favourites, Grofe’s Grand Canyon Suite.

  6. It’s been snowing all day long here in northeast Illinois; started before sunrise and now, at roughly 9:30 PM local time, it’s still snowing…there must be at least 10 inches down at this point. Oh well… šŸ™‚

      • We have 5″ this morning with a few more inches predicted today – perhaps a record snowfall for the winter. But as you said, it looks lovely edging all of the trees. Photos to come later šŸ™‚

  7. Sounds good to me – greet the crocuses, get ready for more snow (What can you do?) and dream (with wine handy) of future garden pleasures. Love those swallowtails on the Buddleia, and the Rudbeckia, and the music…very much a garden dream.

    • It was one of those perfect days; sunny warm weather in the garden, just enough time to do some spring cleanup before a new storm rolled in, followed by the euphoria of garden work after a long winter and time to restore sore muscles while the winter rages momentarily. Better to enjoy the roller coaster ride than shake a fist at the sky šŸ™‚

      • That’s difficult, bluebrightly; for many years I traveled and lived in temporary quarters. Since then, I have always been grateful for being able to sink my roots deep into the ground in my own space. Please feel free to enjoy the euphoria vicariously šŸ™‚

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