Perpetual Astonishment

Every spring is the only spring – a perpetual astonishment. ~Ellis Peters

A week of sun and rain has changed everything. The garden grows greener by the minute, more flowers are blooming each day. The small islands of early flowers and foliage are growing larger and starting to connect throughout the garden. It looks and smells like spring. The wild cherries and amelanchier are blooming throughout the woods with clumps of summer snowflakes blooming beneath. (Click on any photo in these mosaics to see a full size image)

The later daffodils are beginning to bloom and have escaped being felled by sub-zero temperatures.

The tulips are coming into bloom, along with some early perennials.

Spring seems to have arrived in earnest, perpetually astonishing in its loveliness.

This post is a part of Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, a monthly event sponsored by May Dreams Gardens. You will find links to over fifty beautiful gardens blooming in April – have fun exploring!

All photos ©2017 Lynn Emberg Purse, All Rights Reserved.

The call of spring seems to be louder, sweeter, more siren-like, than ever before. The longing to get closer to nature, fills the heart. ~M.F. Canfield

30 thoughts on “Perpetual Astonishment

  1. Spring lifts the heart every single year. From nothing at all to an explosion of colour and texture and new life, it is a wonderful rejuvenation. Your garden is a treasure trove and I thank you for allowing us to visit it. The snowflakes are especially beautiful.

  2. Oh yes! That quote about every Spring being THE one is part of the wonder, isn’t it? I am glad you planted daffs that span the season – it pays off. The late ones a re gorgeous! I like your description of the wild cherry trees too. I know you’re enjoying Spring in earnest! 🙂

    • It’s a great quote, isn’t it? It is always interesting to be inspired not only by the garden but by the words and thoughts of others. Thanks for stopping by, Lynn, I always treasure your comments here and on the photos.

  3. I want to inhale the scent of the Amelanchier, I think that is my favorite of the spring. We are just beginning to pop. Going fast! Blessed Easter!

  4. It is definitely “that time of year,” and based on the forecasts of the region I’ve seen, it won’t be halted midstream by a hard freeze. Thanks for sharing these fine images of your immaculate garden, Lynn.

    • Kerry, that is my sincere hope regarding the hard freezes! We had a day last week that was the “finally spring has arrived” day. Even though we’ve had many warm spells, this was the first day that the earth smelled ready to bloom – a very distinct smell to a gardener’s nose. I’m actually starting to plant and transplant, as it seems relatively safe after our erratic winter. I hope you are experiencing spring in your part of the country.

    • Steve, thank you for visiting and commenting. I’ve been deeply influenced by English gardens, translated to my climate, so there are definitely similarities. GBBD is a wonderful way to find other gardening blogs and I’m delighted that you stopped by here.

  5. Needed such purity and joy this Easter morning, my friend! Thank you so much, Lynn. Gentle peace and glorious gardening.

  6. Once again, Lynn, it is with delight that I read your blog. Thank you for bringing such a welcome breath of fresh Spring thought and beauty to us. As Leo Tolstoy said, ““Spring is the time of plans and projects.”
    ― Anna Karenina

  7. Enjoyed your post, I’m encouraged!
    We had a taste of unusually warm weather a week ago (+10c/+2). But, we’re back to colder temps this week and it’s tough to be excited (+2/-7c) I’m looking forward to seeing our gardens come to life – and there are little bits of progress eeking through. I’m anxious for milder weather in the forecast. Happy Easter!

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