In a quiet time

There are few machine noises these days, just the occasional car in the distance or neighbors working in their yards. The bird song has been astounding, as if they can now hear each other clearly and are no longer struggling to communicate through a wall of manmade sound.

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. ~Rumi

I was weeding near the ‘Snow Fountains’ Japanese cherry tree yesterday when I heard a loud buzzing sound. It was the first bumblebees of the season as they dove through the branches and nuzzled blossom after blossom.

“What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.”
~ Kobayashi Issa

I love the quiet moments in my garden. Did you know that scientists have discovered that as we isolate and stop our frenzied pace, the earth itself has become quieter?


Spring holds hope for a new beginning and this year is no different, but perhaps it is more important and more longed for in these strange times. The sun shining through blossoms of the spicebushspicebushbranch

and the light on the footpath lightonpath

seem to promise renewal and fresh beginnings at a deeper level – I hope so.

It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart. ~Rilke

The daffodils and Virginia bluebells are opening . . .

along with late blooming double hellebore ‘Rose Quartz’. hellebore1

Life is uncertain yet we can still be kind, still be thoughtful, still be loving. Each step in the garden reminds me that Mother Earth and her creatures are flourishing even as our human world is turned upside down. My greatest hope is that we will find a way to live in harmony with each other and with the earth. Many people are in desperate need now – I encourage you to do what you can in your own way to help, whether it is to call a friend or contribute to your local food bank. If you are in need, please reach out to others for help – we are all in this together.

If people did not love one another, I really don’t see what use there would be in having any spring. ~ Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Thank you for walking with me in the garden. I wish each of you gentle silence and peace of heart.

Listen to silence. It has so much to say. ~Rumi

All photographs and text ©2020 Lynn Emberg Purse, except where noted.


38 thoughts on “In a quiet time

  1. As always, Lynn, your photos are beautiful. I agree we need to be kind. I hope we all will be a little kinder while we deal with this pandemic. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

      • Thank you so much. Yes I do miss Italy but I feel especially sad for my friends who have businesses there and rely on travelers for their livelihoods. My heart breaks for them. I had a trip planned for this fall, and unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. Hopefully in 2021 all of us who love to travel to the bel paese will be able to return. Take good care. I know how much you enjoy your lovely garden.

  2. Such a generous post, Lynn. The bee video is fabulous. I’m rather in awe of your technical expertise, but then, of course, you would know how to make a good recording and insert it into your post! 😉 And thank you for that haiku – the Japanese really know cherry blossoms! Your thoughts in the last paragraph are beautifully expressed and get right to the essence – something I think you’re very good at! Be well, Lynn, and enjoy Spring!

  3. I stepped out onto my deck and looked closely at my blooming redbud. In the 4 years it has been there, I never really noticed a good many bees on it. It is after all, a native here, but I never noticed the pollinators until staying at home.

    • Ray, isn’t it amazing how much better we see our world? I think that it is not just the time at home but the quieting of our attention that allows us to take the time to see and notice. My redbud is getting ready to bloom – now I will pay more attention to it 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed these beautiful quiet scenes and wonderful wise words. Yes, the quiet is soothing and replenishing.

  5. Always good to see your scrumptious garden and “hear” your words as I read. I am glad oyu have such solace and pleasure there. My woodland walks and river strolls have become even more rewarding here in OR. As you noted, the quietness. Quietude, really. And bird song. Best to you. (Appreciate the quotes, as well.)

  6. Thank you Lynn for sharing and for lifting my day. Silence has so much to say, indeed – and it enables our other senses to be stronger. Be well.

    • Janet, thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’m delighted to hear that your day was brighter for being here. I agree about embracing silence – I’m learning to listen even more closely now. Be well, stay safe.

  7. A beautiful poetic piece, Lynn. Enjoy your garden including that lovely snow cherry. Hopefully after our present world crisis is over we will all slow down and live a simpler life-style. Gardens are a great way to start.

    • Thank you, Richard, the garden has grown even more important to me now. A meme I saw recently said something to the effect that Mother Nature has sent us all to our rooms so that we can reconsider our behavior. I have been thinking of this a lot and how I might change my daily life to take even better care of our planet. Be well, stay safe.

  8. Lynn This is such a needed gift and so welcomed.Thank you so much for moments of peace and beauty. Hope you and Bill are enjoying your piece of Paradise more than ever. Big hug to you both.

    • Thank you, Marj – I hope you are enjoying your lovely garden now that spring has arrived. We are well here, hugs back to you. Hopefully, we can visit each other’s gardens this summer – mine will be super groomed by then!

  9. Thank you so much for this lovely and peaceful time in your garden, Lynn. The birdsong this year! It’s been amazing. I was out watching our bumblebees yesterday, listening to their buzz and hum. I think, perhaps, Mother Earth is intentionally showing us her gifts right now. A form of grace. ❤

    • Thanks Robin; yes, the birds seem very happy to be heard this year – perhaps we’ll have a baby bird boom? 🙂 I saw a meme the other day to the effect that “Mother Earth has sent us all to our rooms until we change our behavior.” That may be very true, but yes, there is a sense of grace in sharing her loveliest gifts.

  10. Heavenly, as always, Lynn! Thank you for the beautiful meditation and peaceful time in your glorious garden. Never more necessary to have such a healing space for retreat and recollection. I pray you will both be well and stay safe.

    • Ah Kitty, I was commenting on your site while you were here – serendipity 🙂 I hope you are finding peace and beauty in your garden as well, even as you ride out the whirlwind that surrounds you. Thank you for your kind words, be well, stay safe, kiss your creatures from me.

  11. Thank you for this moment of peace and calm. Much needed these days. The garden is a perfect place to escape to – and yours, especially so.

  12. My husband called me over to hear the buzzing of bees in our AZ grapefruit tree. There were no blossoms yet, and we suddenly realized that what we had was a swarm. We quickly retreated and stayed away for a few days. Happily, the swarm moved on!

  13. Lynn: Once again, your words, the poetry, and the beautiful photographs in your blog have given this soul a sense of peace in this troubled world today. Thank you so very much and may our good Lord continue to shower you, and Bill, with good health and blessings.

    • Gene, I’m so glad you stopped by. The garden always restores me and I’m so glad that you found some peace here too. I wish you wellness and safety on this Palm Sunday; Bill and I are teaching online and working on creative projects.

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