Go to the winter woods

Where the forest murmurs there is music: ancient, everlasting. Go to the winter woods: listen there, look, watch . . . ~Fiona Macleod, Where the Forest Murmurs

Winter has truly arrived, with frequent snowfall and frigid temperatures. The browns and grays of the garden and woods have been transformed into visions of crystal magic.

There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest clothed to its very hollows in snow. That is a loveliness to which surely none can be insensitive. ~Fiona Macleod

The familiar scenes of the garden are transformed, its bones and structure revealed as patterns and shapes. (click on any photo to see the larger view)

The woods and garden are visually connected by white instead of green.

The stone steps that lead to the lower garden are now just a suggestion of shape while the seedheads of plants still stand above the snow to nourish the birds.

Cherry tree

There’s just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on. It makes you believe you’re special. ~Carol Rifka Brunt, Tell the Wolves I’m Home

The turquoise pot containing a blue fescue looks like an odd cactus, a rare spot of color in the winter landscape.

After months of mourning and tears from losing Angel, we decided it was time to add some puppy joy to our lives. We were lucky to bring home a 6 month old standard poodle puppy last week – her name is Pixie – “a cheerful, mischievous, vivacious female spirit” – a name which she lives up to very well.

She loves the snow and has created her own agility courses through it – she is quite the athlete and has free reign of the fenced-in garden and woods.

She is so fast that I’ve wondered more than once if she can actually teleport herself when I turn my head away for a few seconds and she is suddenly next to me!

(A special thanks to my niece Tracey for requesting that I add my music to this video)

It is good to snuggle up to a sweet creature and to watch her puppy antics . . . it is good to laugh again.

If you are experiencing snow and ice, I wish you warmth and safety amidst the beauty of winter; if you are in the midst of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, I wish you the joy of color and beauty filling your world.

Winter came down to our home one night
Quietly pirouetting in on silvery-toed slippers of snow,
And we, we were children once again. ~Bill Morgan Jr.

35 thoughts on “Go to the winter woods

  1. I’m glad you went out into the cold, Lynn! Deep, soft snow like this is a treasure. The zig-zag of the steps under snow is wonderful, as are the opening image of your magical wintergarden and the fescue’s bad hair day.
    Good for you for bringing Pixie home. What a head-spinning change it must be to experience the difference between Pixie’s antics and Angel’s last dignified months. The video of Pixie in the garden set to your music is enchanting but best of all is your full-throated laugh at the end of the other video. Lots to look forward to! 🙂

    • Lynn, you captured the contrast so well, the transition from beloved elder Angel to sweet rambunctious Pixie – it is a bit head-spinning but that laughter in the tp video is what has been the norm these days, a welcome change. And it has been sweet to become reacquainted with my garden in winter, Pixie is a good influence on me. I will admit that your recent photography posts inspired me to pay attention to the details in front of me and try to capture them.

      • Great, it’s good to know that a little inspiration is being spread around, via some of my photos and especially via Pixie’s enthusiasm. 🙂

  2. This was such a wonderful read. I love your descriptions of winter and snow in the garden. I’m so glad you have a Pixie in your life. The videos made me smile, and your laughter is wonderful. 🙂

  3. Your winter garden looks magical to me, but I have only ever lived in Africa and Australia….I know it must be bitterly cold. What better way to venture into the garden than to follow the engaging Pixie. I know what a difference a puppy can make when you have lost a beloved dog. The video and music was wonderful, but too short! Best wishes and enjoy Pixie.

    • Thank you Gerrie. It has been colder than usual for the past few nights, -3ºF/-19ºC, brrrrrr. . . . The snow has been beautiful though and it serves as a mulch for the garden to protect the plants from the cold. I spent a few weeks in January in western and southern Australia many years ago – how different from our climate! You are right about the importance of a puppy for healing from a loss – Pixie is doing a great job of lifting our spirits.

  4. Adorable Pixie frolicking in the snow brightened this post-blizzard day vicariously and the superb music elevated the entire experience. I’m very happy for you and glad you listened to Angel’s dream visitation. But about that toilet paper? Too funny for words!

  5. A fresh coating of snow transforms the landscape so beautifully. The wind accompanying this latest storm has sculpted the snow around the weeds and grasses in the field in the most picturesque way.
    I love the hats of snow on your hydrangea!
    Lastly, congrats on the arrival of Pixie, she’s a beauty. It must be nice to have puppy energy in the house once again. Life is so dull without pets!

    • I imagine you are getting quite the snowfall this weekend, Eliza. It is beautiful, isn’t it? I had to convince my garden guys to not “clean up” the garden this past fall – for both ecological and picturesque reasons. Life is better with Pixie for sure!

  6. Love the video of Pixie in the snow.

    And the toilet paper…maybe Pixie thinks she’s a cat. One of our kitties (Merlin) has been known to view the TP roller as one of the world’s great toys.

    In any event, I’m sure that the winter days will feel warmer, courtesy of Pixie, who will, no doubt, keep you on your toes.

    • Thanks, Kerry – she is so much fun, a whirlwind in the snow! And I’ve been enjoying being outside this winter, something I’ve avoided for a while. Angel never bothered with the TP roller so Pixie caught us by surprise.

  7. Ah, such beauty in your winter garden, Lynn! The snow-flocked architecture is magical. I love winter’s beauty and it certainly is revealed in these enchanting photos. Thank you for these and the beautiful text and quotes…so much to ponder.

    And–what joy–Pixie! I loved watching (several times) her leaps and pirouettes in the garden. How happy I am to meet her and read of your joy. I always think my lovebugs who’ve changed worlds send me the next 4-legged(s)…maybe Angel thought Pixie was the perfect match for your heart?

    Your music is so well-suited to the video! What a treat, Lynn. Thank you for this, too. A wonderful post. Hugs to you both and to Pixie!

    • Thank you for your gracious words and insight, Kitty. Angel came to me in a dream and let me know she would help me find a new companion. The next day, I began searching and found Pixie, the perfect choice. They have very different personalities but that is good – each is so unique. I haven’t laughed this much in a very long time and it’s been a while since I’ve spent this much time outside in the winter – without her, I would not have captured those photos.

      I was very inspired by Fiona Macleod’s essay “Where the Forest Murmurs” – I created a link to her work after the first quote, which is available on archive.org. She expresses many of my feelings and perceptions of nature and I have continued reading her work – I think you would enjoy it too.

      My niece insisted that include my music – that piece did seem to fit Pixie’s antics! Hugs to you and your four-leggeds too!

      • Thank you! Yes, I’ll absolutely follow the link.

        My heart is smiling hearing about your dream…and your laughter!

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