Walking Miles for Music

Perhaps you have been to a trade show for cars or gardening, or at least seen one on HGTV for new kitchen or bath products.  Every January, approximately 1400+ wholesalers and manufacturers and 10,000 potential retail buyers (+ famous people demonstrating the products) gather in Anaheim CA for a music trade show.  It is one of the largest shows of the year and not only fills the enormous Anaheim Convention Center but several nearby hotels. Not open to the general public, this show is the pulse of the music manufacturers’ industry and take hope! business was good this year.  Hall after hall featured the newest music publications, guitars, pianos, band instruments, synthesizers and music software, and in the basement hall, we explored the newest kids on the block – those start up companies with the unique idea and product that sometimes wow the crowds and start new trends.

Footgear is extremely important at this show; if you are Continue reading