What the Storm Brought

  • mounds of snow
  • playtime with Angel Eyes
  • breathtaking winter scenes
  • warmer weather and a thaw
  • the last snow storm of the year?

I woke up to a winter wonderland in March, every twig and bough coated with snow. By this afternoon, most of the six inches of snow was melting away. Ephemeral beauty; a black and white world in color.

38 thoughts on “What the Storm Brought

  1. “Ephemeral beauty; a black and white world in color.” beautifully expressed. I love to see deciduous trees with snow or a really heavy frost – sparkling and twinkling away, something magical and fairytale like, I can never get enough of them! But being one to contradict herself there’s nothing better than seeing Spring emerge 🙂

    • Jean, it can be one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. On the down side, I just finished chopping up the 14′ pine branch that succumbed to the snowfall and took out a major section of the redbud tree beneath it. Perhaps beauty is always combined with danger 🙂

  2. Look at that! WoW! My brother would be so jealous he wants to drive north one winter just to see some snow. Winter down here is full of false starts. Freezing one moment hot and muggy the the next – like is doesen’t know what it’s doing!

    • Rastelly, great to hear from you- I see you have a book now, can’t wait to read it! The snow is beautiful to look at, not so much fun to drive on. This was a lovely snowfall, which then politely melted 🙂

      • I like polite snow – sonds like a wierd indi band.
        All we ever get is freezing rain. Nasty stuff, but
        pretty to look at.

    • I think you are right, BlueBrightly 🙂 He did get some great photos of a snow covered Central Park last year. And Angel Eyes – she likes the attention when I take her photograph and looks cute in all kinds of weather 🙂

  3. Just beautiful, Lynn; your photographs exude such peace and loveliness, and Angel Eyes adds the perfect elegance…Joy in the melting of all this beauty into the green promises of spring! Thank you for the wonderful visual meditation.

  4. Love the way the snow in this blast clings to the branches. They are still that way here this morning, but with the warming trend coming, I doubt if it lasts the day.

  5. It does look quite magical, and you get the best of both worlds, the chance to enjoy it then see it thaw quickly.xxxxx

  6. For a brief moment I had the impression that I’m looking outside the window – only the Angel Eyes was missing 🙂 such a wonderful way to say Adieu! to the winter.

  7. Nice pictures. Snow is always so exciting and so beautiful when it first arrives, but wears off after a few hours and you have to start getting about in it.

  8. Puppy looks happy!

    Storm is just starting here. Worst will be tomorrow night, they say. On the coast mostly sleet, winds etc. Inland a ft of snow.


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