22 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Thank you for helping express what is so hard to say. It is some balm to know that we feel this brokenness together. I feel so strongly now, perhaps more than ever, the need for artists to shine light into this world, to pierce through the ugliness with truth and beauty. Bless you for continuing to do that.

    • Joe, so glad that you found a place to express yourself here and I agree with you completely. My ensemble performed this past Wednesday, and for an hour, powerful music was made and everyone was joined in a space of beauty. Many thanked me afterwards for that moment of surcease and I felt reaffirmed in my belief that creativity can change the world. “Only in our creative acts do we step forth into the light and see ourselves whole and complete” (Carl Jung). I encourage you to speak from your heart as you continue to compose – the world needs every voice.

  2. Yes, utterly. I know I’ll pick myself up and look for reasons to hope, but not yet. Sometimes, I just have to sit in the brokenness and honor it. But the reminder I’m not alone is always appreciated. Lovely image; thank you.

  3. I am so profoundly…something…everything…mostly beside myself and not seeing any answers to explain…anything…everything. With your words, the words of others even the silent ones…we pass the thread of hope.

  4. images, as you offer, provide the metaphors we need for this awful time. Yes broken, but life is still beautiful. Marx said the world moves in a dialectical pattern, and oh my, that seems to be the case. the most awful may produce beauty again. I’ll be so so sad to bid adieu to the Obamas, all of them.

    • As Cage revealed, there really is no such thing as true silence, but the ambient noise is certainly a lot louder these days. Thank you for your succinct but multi-level comment, tootle pedal – always wonderful to have you stop by.

  5. Struggling this week myself. Your photo is wonderful because it makes me think that there might be some rejuvenation to follow as the cycle that plants always follow. At least I can hope a bit, which right now will have to be enough.

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