supermoonwpTonight the sky was clear and yesterday’s supermoon reappeared in full glory – the earth, moon, and sun are all in a line, creating a syzygy. I had never heard this term before my student Ryan Bromley brought a composition to the electronic ensemble entitled Syzygy. The piece was a success and my husband liked it so much that he recorded it with Ryan for his Tribute CD.

Listen to the clip generously provided by Bill Purse while viewing a few images of the garden and woods in their autumn glory. 

In celebration of autumn color and inspired by the work of nature artist Andy Goldsworthy, I assembled an ephemeral piece of leaf and flower. redleafmandala1

Now Autumn’s fire burns slowly along the woods and day by day the dead leaves fall and melt. ~William Allingham


19 thoughts on “Syzygy

  1. You’re overflowing with inspiration – abundance is good! Goldsworthy – and all those working in the tradition of ephemeral outdoor sculpture – have always been favorites of mine. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Lynn.

  2. How lovely to see these garden photos, Lynn, and the music was just wonderful, too. I LOVE the leaf art. I do that, too: isn’t it glorious to use what’s here and gather it together in ways that please? Thank you for a lovely post!

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